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Flag Salutation & Leo Pledge

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Flag Salutation

We salute our Nation Flag and pledge our allegiance to the same.

Its honour and its glory depend upon the zeal and assiduity with which each of us will shoulder our responsibility of a good citizen.

Its glorious history inspires us to put in good work for the fair name of our Country

We declare our unflinching loyalthy to our Country. We maintain that its course shall be our course and that each individual amongst us will make genuine effort to add to its luster and glory and make our National Flag fly proudly in the comity of nations.


Leo Pledge

I pledge of my hands

Extended and open

To help those In need


I pledge of my heart

Reach for it and it will be



I pledge of my ears

To hear another’s outcry


My eyes

To see the plight of others


My knowledge

To bring a man closer to his dreams


I pledge of myself

For the betterment of my

Community and my country

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